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to Root Canal Treatments

When a tooth is infected, quite often endodontic (root canal) treatment is necessary to save the tooth. The Rothenberg Dental Group are experts at this procedure, having completed literally thousands of them. If you need a Root Canal, call The Rothenberg Dental Group today at 973 301 0011 - New Patient 770 628 9464 to schedule an appointment.

Why Choose The Rothenberg Dental Group for Root Canal Treatments

Root canals are relatively common procedures. Each year millions of them are performed. If you need one, there’s no reason to be concerned. The Rothenberg Dental Group has performed literally thousands. We know what it takes to keep patients relaxed and comfortable during the procedure.

Making Root Canals Painless

The Rothenberg Dental Group are experts at painless dentistry. So we employ a variety of methods to eliminate discomfort and anxiety during a root canal procedure. Our job is to ensure you are as comfortable as possible before, during and after your procedure. That’s why so many patients in the Florham Park/Morris and Essex Counties rely on The Rothenberg Dental Group when they need a root canal treatment.

What Are Root Canals For?

Root canal procedures are a way of saving teeth. Without root canal treatment, the infection from the pulp will spread to the surrounding bone and may involve other teeth. If not treated, more serious dental issues will occur requiring more complicated and expensive dentistry to correct. A successful root canal will save the tooth and maintain the health of the adjacent bone. A root canal tooth can last just as long as any other tooth in your mouth. If you have a painful infected tooth, you don’t have to worry about long waits. We can perform emergency treatment on teeth that require root canals. Call 973 301 0011 - New Patient 770 628 9464 to schedule an appointment.

Root Canal Treatments

If you’re living in Florham Park, Livingston, Whippany, Morristown or the surrounding area, you can always rely on The Rothenberg Dental Group for all your dental needs—including Root Canals.
Call 973 301 0011 - New Patient 770 628 9464 to schedule an appointment.

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